Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Tour -- Turkey

With one week until Thanksgiving this seems like the perfect time to "talk turkey." There are probably as many ways to cook turkey as there are . . . well I don't know what, but there are lots of ways to cook your turkey: grill, fry, smoke, brine, stuff, even, God forbidmicrowave.

The thing is that a lot of these techniques are, frankly, a pain in the ass. I mean, to wet brine your turkey, you've got to get a big cooler, sanitize it, fill it, and go through a lot of hassle. You can purchase special turkey roasters. Heck, you can even buy an indoor turkey fryer for the low, low price of $209.99.

As I have mentioned before, simplicity and minimalism are important to me. Less is more, and all that. I was going to go ahead and cook a turkey specially for this post, to try to develop one of those other techniques mentioned above. But Thanksgiving is about tradition and gratitude. So I am grateful for my simple regular kitchen oven, and classic roast turkey.

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A couple of years ago I followed this recipe from The Way the Cookie Crumbles (Which also happens to be the food blog that introduced me to food blogging). It came out PERFECTLY. I mean, perfectly perfect. The meat was moist and flavorful, and the skin was nice and brown. It left nothing to be desired -- so I present to you my favorite Turkey recipe.

May your Thanksgiving be peaceful, simple, thankful and tasty!

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